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Bring the power of generative AI to engineering teams with GitHub Copilot. Learn how you can maximize developer velocity and innovation.

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Stay one step ahead by shipping your software securely within GitHub: Identify and fix security issues directly in the developer flow.

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Why GitHub?

Learn why more than 90% of the Fortune 100 use GitHub—the leading developer platform compared to alternative solutions.

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What is technical debt?

Understand the impact of technical debt on software development. Learn how to manage and mitigate technical debt for long-term code quality and maintainability.

What is software testing?

Software testing is the systematic process of evaluating and verifying software applications to ensure they function correctly and meet specific requirements.

What is software architecture?

Learn how software architecture helps developers build scalable, efficient systems using best practices, key components, and common styles and patterns.

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GitHub at BSides San Diego

Get ready, because BSidesSD is back for an exhilarating one-day extravaganza on March 30th, 2024, at San Diego State University and GitHub will be there!

GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps: New Features and Roadmap

GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps is an integrated security solution. This session provides an overview of the latest features and roadmap for GitHub Advanced Security on Azure DevOps, highlighting its evolving functionalities and future directions.

Security in the City

AppSec is harder than you think. Here’s how AI can help.

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Transforming application security with AI

From prevention to remediation, AI-assisted tooling changes everything. The future of secure software development is here. Let’s dive in.

Supercharge collaboration with AI-powered innersource

Innersource centers around bringing the methodologies, learnings, and collaborative spirit from open source into internal development. However, implementing effective innersource practices—by enabling internal development teams to discover, understand, and reuse existing code instead of building from scratch—is challenging.

Moving repositories from Bitbucket Server to GitHub

If you’re looking to make the move from Bitbucket Server to GitHub ahead of Bitbucket Server’s upcoming deprecation, we know you’ll have data you want to bring with you so your team can hit the ground running quickly. We also know that fear of migration can be a big barrier to switching to GitHub, which is why we’ve worked hard to make moving quick, low cost and painless.

Designed to empower Developers with access to the tools and features they need for streamlined collaboration.

Aicha Bah Gersing // Senior Director, Premium Support

Senior Director, Premium Support

Accelerate innovation with the platform developers love

At GitHub, you can build what’s next with the industry’s most complete developer platform. Grow your business by investing in end-to-end software delivery and advanced security capabilities that simplify how you ship software at scale.


Curate blazing fast developer environments and help your organization be more agile, secure, and efficient.

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Advanced Security

Ship secure applications with a community-driven, developer-first approach.

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Automate your software workflows with a powerful DevOps toolkit and built-in CI/CD.

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Safely publish and consume packages within your organization.

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