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GitHub TEI Spotlight for GitHub Advanced Security

The Benefits and Impact of Improving Software Security Standards and Processes in Organizations

GitHub TEI Spotlight for the technology sector

The Benefits of Producing Secure Code That Meets Auditing Requirements for the Technology Organizations

GitHub TEI Spotlight for automotive industry

An increased number of automotive organizations are becoming software companies and thus are pressured to produce secure code.

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What's new with AppSec

These days, you’re trying to ship software faster—but what’s your plan for keeping it secure?

Automate your CI/CD workflows with GitHub Actions

Want to automate your workflows with CI/CD and accelerate your time to market? It starts with GitHub Actions, a complete CI/CD solution built natively into GitHub, which enables developers to build, test, deliver, and deploy software all from one platform.

Webinar: Maximizing your ROI with GitHub Enterprise and GitHub Advanced Security

If you’re wondering how you can empower your own teams to deliver better code, faster, we’ve got just the thing for you. The Total Economic Impact of GitHub™—a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting—demonstrates how GitHub can help your enterprise build a collaborative culture, reduce costs, accelerate innovation, and improve code security and compliance.

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What is GitHub Actions?

Maximizing your ROI with GitHub Enterprise and Advanced Security

GitHub Advanced Security Demo Series

Designed to empower Developers with access to the tools and features they need for streamlined collaboration.

Aicha Bah Gersing // Senior Director, Premium Support

Senior Director, Premium Support

Accelerate innovation with the platform developers love

At GitHub, you can build what’s next with the industry’s most complete developer platform. Grow your business by investing in end-to-end software delivery and advanced security capabilities that simplify how you ship software at scale.


Curate blazing fast developer environments and help your organization be more agile, secure, and efficient.

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Advanced Security

Ship secure applications with a community-driven, developer-first approach.

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Automate your software workflows with a powerful DevOps toolkit and built-in CI/CD.

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Safely publish and consume packages within your organization.

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