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Continuous Deployment Fundamentals with GitHub Actions

Continuous Deployment Fundamentals with GitHub Actions

Maintaining code quality and reliability in the release process is no easy task. That’s why we launched Deployment Protection Rules to help you deliver high quality, secure applications with every deployment.

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Using GitHub Actions in your day job

Accelerating developer velocity and maintaining high-quality code are crucial goals for every software team. In today's fast-paced landscape, it's more critical than ever. But achieving this is no easy feat. It's a complex process that requires careful planning, coordination, and execution.

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Bringing quality into your workflow: From PR, to merge, to deploy

How do you automate more, deliver faster, and continuously improve?

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What is GitHub Actions?

Join us as we explore GitHub Actions and implement a build, test, and deploy with powerful CI/CD capabilities right next to your code.

GitHub Actions Workshop

Join us on January 24 with GitHub Sr. Solution Engineers, Matthew Desmond and Matthew Breton for an informational session on GitHub Actions, a GitHub native CI/CD tool for automating your software development lifecycle.

Partner Readiness: GitHub Actions

Join us for this month’s Partner Readiness Webinar on GitHub Actions.

Demo Day: Getting Traction with GitHub Actions

Get hands-on support for all things automation. Join us for a technical deep dive into GitHub Actions, starting with non-CI/CD examples to help your developers streamline every part of their workflow. From issue automation to performance monitoring, you’ll walk away with tricks on how to use Actions to build workflows your developers love.

Automating CI/CD pipelines with GitHub Actions and Google Cloud

Bring your DevOps pipeline to the cloud with hosted runners and private clusters.

Containerized deployments for enterprises with GitHub Actions and Packages

Learn how to deliver and scale applications faster with containers—the key components of today's developer and DevOps toolchain.

Accelerating DevOps with collaboration and GitHub Actions

As high-performing software teams know, CI/CD is key for DevOps success. But CI/CD is only part of your software workflow—every step of your software development process is an opportunity to move faster, together.