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GitHub has partnered with Arm to provide Arm’s Virtual Hardware on GitHub’s Larger Hosted Runners. Arm Virtual Hardware (AVH) scales and accelerates IoT software development by virtualising popular IoT development kits, Arm-based processors, and systems in the cloud. It is an evolution of Arm’s modeling technology that removes the wait for hardware and the complexity of building and configuring board farms for testing.

Since AVH run’s on GitHub’s Larger Hosted Runners, customers looking to get started should ensure they have Larger Hosted Runners enabled for their org, which can be done here.

To learn more about what tools and libraries are included by Arm here.

Note: Arm Virtual Hardware runs on GitHub’s Intel 64 infrastructure not, Arm physical hardware chips.

For more information about getting started with this partner integration reach out to

This registration page will be available until December 15, 2023.

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