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Build a web game this April!

Game Bytes

Gamedev.js Jam returns this April challenging web developers to build a game based on a theme. Join in to have fun and/or win prizes!

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Haskell is a functional programming language with non-strict semantics, and strong static typing.

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The Datree app allows engineering teams to automatically identify errors in newly committed YAML configs, including k8s manifests, and prevent these misconfigurations from reaching production.

On app installation, a new PR is created for each connected repository with a workflow for YAML (schema) validation. If one of the scanned (yaml) files happens to be a K8s manifest file, Datree will also run a K8s schema validation and a policy check for preventing K8s misconfigurations.

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  • Updated Feb 28, 2024

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Travis CI

Travis CI enables your team to test and ship your apps with confidence. It’s built for everyone and for projects and teams of all sizes, supporting over 20 different languages out of the box, including Javascript and Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Python, Mac/iOS, as well as Docker, while giving you full control over the build environment to customize it to your own needs.

Travis CI is trusted by hundreds of thousands of open source projects, teams, and developers.